Designed with handwoven, upholstered and solid seats, MasayaCo's Accent Chairs explore unique design and everyday comfort.

Accent Chairs

Rocking chairs

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We grow our own trees on deforested land. Our trees capture tons of carbon. Over 40% of our forests are old growth and we keep these untouched. So flora and fauna can thrive.

All our products are reforested Teak and are available in 5 indoor finishes and 3 outdoor finishes. Teak is incredibly strong and naturally pest resistant.

We make our own Manila cord using polyester thread.

Accent Chairs

MasayaCo's handcrafted accent and lounge chairs complete spaces. We grow, design, and craft our pieces by hand to last a lifetime. Made from reforested Teak, the designs are contemporary while being fully sustainable. Capturing Carbon throughout its lifetime.


Each woven chair is handwoven by artisans using manila cord we make ourselves from durable polyester thread.

About us

MasayaCo crafts sustainable furniture from wood we grow in reforestation efforts. With over a million trees planted we are reinventing the way furniture is made.