Bali Masayu Property (BMP) manages and operates private villa accommodation with professional standard. BMP arranges for the staffs recruitments, which include butlers, waiters, housemaids and kitchen staffs. These staffs are closely trained and supervised by BMP management.

BMP also priorities maintenance and securities services by employing professionals on both aspects. Regular maintenance checks and services will be performed closely by Villa manager. In addition, BMP forges strong community relationship – which is important in Bali –with both the Banjar (neighborhood community organizer) and the city bureaucrats.

BMP will also perform the marketing function of the the Masayu, promoting the villas via its distribution network and internet. A dedicated the Masayu website is already established to give its clients the most updated information on the Villa as well as to do on-line booking.

All in all, villa owners can just sit back and relax as their villas will be professionally managed.

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